Thursday, July 27, 2006

Disastrous Day! ;)

Yesterday Bobby saw my profile while I was looking on my page, and he read where I wrote "Yummy Wentworth Miller". He has teased me non-stop since then about using the word "yummy" about a guy when I am married! He said "I am going to make a page with pictures of Carmen Elektra and write "Yummy" all over my page!" or "Am I yummy?" Then he walks around the house going "Ummm... Yummy!" I explained to him it was a twist on Grey's Anatomy where they call people yummy, or actually McYummy, McDreamy, McSteamy, etc... I told him I liked the personality of the character the actor plays on "Prison Break". So he said "No, you didn't put "Yummy personality"!" Ughh!!! ;) And then, once again I received the reminder "We need TWO adults in this marriage, Jennifer. TWO!" ;)

And the disaster of the day was when I decided to try to color my own hair, even though I have NEVER once did it successfully on my own. So I go to Wal-Mart, get a box of light ash brown, and color my hair. It comes out too light for my taste, almost blonde with red even though I used an ash (My hair always grabs red, no matter what!). I didn't like it, so I went back back and got medium reddish brown. That turned my hair a clownish coppery-orange! The ends were now black, the middle red, and the roots orange, no exaggeration! I was in tears by then because I go back to work next Wednesday, so I went back to Wal-Mart and had highlights put in professionally at their salon. The stylist tried to put a toner in my hair to calm the color down I had put in, but that didn't work. She did put some blonde and caramel highlights throughout my hair, and that does look a lot better, if you can get past the copper red at the roots, ughh!! Everytime I try to color my own hair, I promise it will be the last time. Hopefully I have finally learned my lesson, an expensive one, too!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our Day at the Waterpark!

Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early to go to Geyser Falls waterpark in Philidelphia, MS. Gibson went to Mamaw and Papaw's house to be spoiled, he is still too little to spend a day outside in the heat... Bobby, Graden, Zach and I loaded into the van, and begun the 2 1/2 hour drive to the park...

Graden and Zach played Metroid the entire trip up there. They have played that game together all summer with Bobby, so much so that Bobby now refers to the three of them as "The Metroid Monkeys". It is like listening to another language, and there is no telling how many times I have heard "Yes! I killed the Motherbrain!". ;)

We got to the park and paid our eighty dollars to get in, and the children chose the "Lazy River" to go into first. Graden didn't want to ride on an inner tube, so he wrapped his arms around my neck and rode me through the entire river! He would make me walk through the waterfall with him on my back, squealing with delight. My legs however were squealing from being overworked! The kids wanted to play the majority of their time on the "Creaky Water Factory". A huge, multi-leveled park that water pours everywhere, the entire time. There is literally no way to avoid getting wet on this attraction. The kids love climbing the rope nets to get up to the waterslides, over and over and over... Of course I had to do it each time along with them, to make sure they were ok! It was definitely a work out for myself. Bobby positioned himself by a water gun and hoses, and would spray the people across from him if they attacked little children with thier water weapons. Bobby loves, loves, loves to do that! He said there was a girl there who was pouring water on little toddlers, so while she would do that, Bobby would soak her with his hose. She became so angry at Bobby she shook her fist at him and reported him to the lifeguard. The lifeguard told her she was doing the exact same thing to little children, and laughed that she would complain... Zach really loved the wave pool, so we went over there for a few minutes. Both children enjoyed playing on the beach located by the restraunt we ate lunch at. Zach had an order of nachos that was the size of a small mountain! He ate quite a bit of it, too! Bobby ordered a BLT wrap that was mostly eaten by Graden. It does not matter what Graden orders, your order is always going to look better to him when the food is served! :)

At the end of the day (for us!) we told the boys it was time to go home. Graden was so upset, he started crying and saying he didn't want to leave. I told him we would stop and get a candy bar, and he starts running excitedly, yelling "My daddy is getting me a candy bar!". Graden played Metroid the entire drive home (after eating his M&M's, Mt. Dew, and a bit of Zach's Tootsie Roll, too!) while Zach took a long nap. It was a great day at the waterpark, we all enjoyed ourselves very much!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The House Is Too Quiet!

Zachary is spending the night at his cousin Austin's house tonight. Austin is having a slumber party to celebrate turning 11, and there are six boys sleeping over, playing video games as late into the night as they can... Zach is excited because last year they all snuck into the kitchen in the middle of the night to get food, and he is hoping they do it again this year! Austin's mother, Cindy, told me that one boy was literally able to climb the wall, and showed her. I do not envy her tonight, ha ha...

Graden is spending the night at Mamaw and Papaw's tonight. He is sure to be spoiled over there, as always! (He has his own coffee mug there that says "The Boss" for when he visits!) He helped pack his little suitcase, making sure his Buzz Lightyear pajamas were packed, both pairs?!? Why two pairs, I have no idea... Poor Graden has lost his voice though... He has thrown so many little temper tantrums accompanied with ear splitting screaming in the last two days he finally lost his voice. A conversation would go something like this:

Graden: "Can I play the Gameboy?"

Mom: "No, not right now... wait until later."

Graden: "AUUUGHHHH!!!!" with his little fists clenched in fists... Not sure why he is doing this, it hasn't accomplished much of anything for him. I must admit, when he awoke from his nap this afternoon and had a raspy whisper of a voice, I was secretly thankful! ;)

At any rate, the house is way too quiet tonight. I often long for an evening away, and when I get one, I spend the entire time missing the little guys! :)

Friday, July 14, 2006

What Will Your Life Say?

What Will Your Life Say?

I copied this from a devotional I receive daily from the Purpose Driven Life website. The address is at the bottom in case anyone is interested in subscribing for themself. It really hit me how a person can make a difference in other peoples' lives just by being an example of faith... We are all reaching out to other people in the daily roles we live as mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, friends, etc...

July 13, 2006
Listening to a life
by John Fischer

I received word recently of the passing of a 68-year-old woman who was both a mom and a grandmother. She had been traveling to the wedding reception of her oldest grandson when she was involved in a tragic automobile accident. Her injuries were serious, sending her into a coma from which she never recovered. She died 10 days later.

In the words of a family friend, she was just a normal housewife whose family was her career. For those 10 days, that family never left her side. They covered her in shifts, talking to her and simply being in her presence. And when they spoke at her funeral, they all spoke about a remarkable woman who had a profound influence on their lives by merely being there and being faithful to God. But something struck this friend after hearing their words of tribute. They had all agreed on how much they learned about their mother/grandmother during those 10 days at her side that they hadn't realized before, for in the silence of those days, they had time to listen to her whole life.

There's no substitute for the power of a steady life of faith. It may not hit you over the head, but over time, the reality of a loving life takes hold and you cannot shake it. We often hear about the more glamorous stories of radical change faith can produce, and these are indeed thrilling and inspiring stories, but the real examples are often unclaimed until someone is suddenly taken from us, or we are given time to listen to the silence of someone's life. And that silence can speak volumes.

The family friend who wrote me about this story called it Mission Accomplished. Pouring her life out to the people she loved was this woman's mission. Think of all the unsung heroes like her who will shine like stars in Heaven. It's not always the convincing argument or the riveting miracle that changes lives. It's more often the quiet power of a steady faith that leaves the final impression and can win over the hardest heart.

If someone listened to your life today, what would he or she hear? Anxiety, fear, confusion, hurry, or love and a faith that was bigger than all those things? What speaks loudest in your life? It's a sobering thought and I, for one, have to say I am not real pleased with the results of my own self-assessment in this regard. Good thing we've all got a little more time and the grace of God. Let's spend them both well today.

REMINDER: If for some reason you do not receive your devotional on any given day, you can go to our website,, to read the current days entry.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Honor The One Who Wears Your Ring!

Honor The One Who Wears Your Ring

I am copying a portion of the article from "HomeLife" magazine, the July 2006 issue. The article is an interview with Max Lucado, and his wife, Denalyn. It is an awesome portion of the article...

"Looking toward their silver wedding anniversary, Max and Denalyn reflect on how husbands and wives can keep their marriages vibrant.

Denalyn answers confidently. "The biggest thing that's going to keep a marriage together is prayer and keeping our eyes on the Lord. My relationship with the Lord is vital, and Max's relationship with the Lord is vital. If I'm out of my time with the Lord for too long, then what I see, touch, feel, and hear become my realities. I start losing touch with what's important, and that's an invisible God who is very present and very real and very alive. He's the one who sees us anyway. Max can't see my soul, and it's not fair for me to expect him to... The Lord does that, and Max and I can love each other in a pure way if we're receiving from the Lord what only the Lord can give."

Max agrees with his wife. "I think at the bottom of it, there must be a fierce resolve to maintain a marriage," he says. "In a sense, it's saying to Satan, 'You're not getting this.' You must refuse to do anything that would distract you from your spouse. I urge people, don't flirt, don't touch. Be [willing to be] seen as a prude, to be perceived as rude... Honor the one who wears your ring."

I loved this article! We receive this magazine free at our church, but if you are interested in a subscription, you can order online at

A one year subscription is $21.45, but would be well worth it!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Graden- My "GQ" Toddler!

Graden, my three year old, loves clothes! When we take him to "The Children's Place" he will search through the racks, pulling what he likes and pleading for the latest styles! I found a hoodie jacket yesterday marked down to five dollars, so I bought it for him and brought it home as a surprise. He had wanted it before, but it was not on sale, so I didn't buy it that day. When he saw it yesterday, he was so excited! He put it on immediately, despite the fact it is over 90 degrees here in Mississippi! We had to put our feet down when he wanted to wear it last night to McDonald's! Today he tried on every jacket he owns, and came out wearing a Mickey Mouse one Kim had mailed him for his birthday. I couldn't believe he was wearing jackets in July, and I told him "Graden, this is goofy!" and he looks up at me so innocently and says "No, Mom. It is Mickey!" I laughed so hard...

Gibson, the nearly two year old, loves shoes more than anything. His second or third word was "shoe", honestly! He walks into Payless like he owns the place, and even knows which aisle to go down for his size. If he was given the choice of a toy trip to Toys-R-Us, or a shoe shopping, he would pick the shoe shopping! He cries when his shoes are taken off, even if it is bedtime...

Zach, however, is not fashion minded like his brothers! He doesn't care what he wears, as long as it is not pink or a dress! ;) If he can play video games in it, he will wear it!