Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Last Day in Guam!

Today was my last day in Guam, and we went to visit "Two Lovers' Point". The "Legend of Two Lovers' Point" by Puntan Dos Amantes follows:

"In ancient times, a beautiful maiden, the eldest daughter of the most powerful Chamorro chief was ordered by her father to wed a Spanish Army Captain. The maiden was so young, shy, yet strong-willed, she had no intention of allowing her heart to be just given away. She had chosen her love: He was a strong handsome Chamorro warrior. Alas, her parents forbade their daughter from seeing her chosen one. Despair filled her heart because without the blessing of her family, they could never marry.

The lovers met in secret at the waters edge planning to flee the island by canoe. The moon's silver veil of shimmering light danced across Tumon Bay, annointing its surface with magic. Suddenly, Spanish soldiers appeared ending the lovers' dream of life together. With their freedom gone, the two lovers fled. High up on the summit of the cliff, the lovers united for the last time, sharing their love to its full ecstasy, fulfilling their hearts and souls. Moonlight touched their beautiful faces. They were so young, so perfect, their beauty unblemished. As one, they tied their long shining black hair in a single knot. Now they were united, inseparable. Holding hands, they fearlessly walked to the edge of the cliff and gazed down to their destiny. The soldiers appeared breathless. But too late. Soft moonlight caressed the lovers' journey to eternity as they leapt to their fate. Now they would be together forever.

To this day, there are those who claim to hear the whispers of the two lovers upon the waves, proclaiming their undying love."

It was a beautiful site, I will post pictures soon! Afterwards, we went to the Navy base and swam at "Gab Gab" beach. Shannon and I went snorkeling together, and it was so cool to be underwater looking at all of the fish! Fish were literally swimming by our faces... I loved the fish that appeared to "glow in the dark" underwater! I saw many sea cucumbers, and sea urchins too.

While we were at the Navy base, I happened to see an old man who had been at the same showing of "The Mist" as Shannon and I earlier this week. I went up to him and asked him how he had liked the movie, and he said while the movie was scary, he knew most of the movie had been computer-generated so that did not bother him very much. He then said that the last five minutes of the movie did bother him very much, that he found the ending to be very tragic, and he cried afterwards. I had to agree with him!

We ended the day at "Jamaican Grill" and I had the "Serious Seafood" platter of tuna steak and shrimp again. It is so good! Now Jerry and Shannon are making their characters on "World of Warcraft" dance (Jerry's character does a dope dance to "Lean like a Chollo", ha ha...), and I am ready to go to bed. I have 20+ hours of flying to look forward to in the morning, ha ha...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Stephen King's "The Mist"- The Movie

Wow!!! What a movie! This movie was awesome, I am sure it was much better viewed in Guam than if I had seen it in Mississippi... The suspense literally had me jumping during the movie, especially when my soda was "sweating" onto my hand and I was like "What is on my hand?!" All I could imagine as I felt drops on my hand was "It is blood! I know it is blood on me!" Shannon kept laughing at me when I would jump... but she wasn't laughing when the movie ended!

The movie was so intense right up to the very end, I won't give away the ending, but it was heartbreaking! The last five minutes of the film are the most intense minutes of the entire movie. If anyone read Stephen King when he wrote under the name "Richard Bachman", you will love this ending! "The Long Walk" was a favorite story of mine by King when he wrote under Richard Bachman, and this tale of his is now right up there! This movie was more than a horror movie, it had several messages about humanity, a few of the points the movie made were very reminiscent of "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson.

I found this review and quote at

"In what could be the best Stephen King quote ever, I heard word Tuesday morning that he said the following at a press conference on Monday about "The Mist," which is based on his novella:
(Director) Frank (Darabont) ("The Green Mile," "The Shawshank Redemption") wrote a new ending [I love]. It is the most shocking ending ever.

There should be a law passed stating that anybody who reveals the last five minutes of this film should be hung from their neck until dead.

The statement is designed to both be a blessing of the film adaptation as well as a chilling message to anyone who dares to give away the film's ending."

And for the record, here is one of my parental-double standards, MY children will not be watching horror movies while they live with me... seriously.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day in Guam!

We just finished Thanksgiving dinner, and it was delicious, if I do say so myself... I made enchiladas for dinner, that is what my sister and her family wanted! She said they aren't really into turkey, and she also said she loves my enchiladas. Tonight Shannon and I are going to see "The Mist" by Stephen King at the mall. I love when I am able to watch scary movies with my sister! We grew up watching scary movies together... I still remember the first one I watched when I was 10 and she was 8 called "The Funhouse"- Pay to get in, pray to get out... I love the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen horror movies, but I don't like the blood and gore... Tomorrow we are going to the water park along the beach, Cameron is dying to go!

Yesterday Shannon, Cameron, and I went to the beach on base. It was so pretty! The beach has white sand, and black reef in the water. On the reef were several crabs that were sunbathing. I tried to take pictures of all of the crabs, but they would get really shy and hide in the crevices of the reef. My sister told me that the reef was actually very dangerous, that people often get cut on the reef, and many had drowned after being sucked into the reefs by the strong underwater currents! I stayed close to the edge after hearing that!

In the evening Jerry, Shannon, Cameron and I went to the aquarium called "Underwater World". It is a gorgeous aquarium! The seahorse display was adorable, some of the seahorses even had horns. There were Spider Crabs that were huge, if I saw one of those without glass surrounding it I would run! I even saw a case that had Clown Fish in it, just like the little fish from "Finding Nemo". I took several pictures of those, to show the boys when I get home. After we visited the aquarium we went to eat at "Planet Hollywood" which was a lot of fun! They played two songs which nearly everyone in the restaurant got up to dance to... I laughed so hard and took pictures of all of the people dancing! We were the only Americans in the restaurant, apparently Guam is a very big tourist attraction for the Japanese. Everyone here is so friendly, the locals and the tourists. After dinner and the aquarium we visited stores like Channel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tiffany and Co., Tag Heuer, Pucci, Gucci, etc... It was fun to look at those stores, but I can't imagine paying those prices! In one store there was a cute denim dress by DKNY, and I looked at the price tag and it was $495.00!!! For a denim summer dress?! I looked inside at the seams and other details, and it didn't look as if the quality would be that much better than something at the mall in Tupelo to make it worth that price! I did fall in love with these purses that are sold in a store called "Le Sport Sac", the brand of purses that caught my eye are called "Tokidoki". They are a cartoonish-type print of purses, with a little grim reaper named "Adios" and his girlfriend named "Ciao-Ciao". The prints are very cute, very emo... but way too expensive! A wallet-sized purse was $97.00, and the prices went up from there. In the states I love a brand called "Bobby-Jack" which has a cute little monkey, and here the island sells a popular brand called "Julius" with a little monkey and his friends.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My First Days in Guam...

I left Saturday morning for Guam, and what a trip that was! I worked Friday, and when I left work I went home and took a three hour nap so I would not fall asleep on the drive to Birmingham. I left Wal-Mart at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and drove to Birmingham airport. It is four-lane now the entire way, and it only took two hours to get to the airport from Amory! I boarded for Houston at 6:00 that morning, and arrived in Houston a little after 8:00 a.m.. I bought a burrito and a Mt. Dew in the airport at Houston, and paid nearly $12.00! Then I boarded for Honolulu before the 9:35 departure time, and flew for nearly nine hours to Hawaii! My legs were so sore from just sitting... I did manage to watch "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" though, and it was good (And "Transformers", "License to Wed", and played plenty of "Hang-Man")! I departed from Honolulu to Guam at 3:20 p.m., and that flight was another eight hours again! The total duration of the flights, including connections was 21 hours and five minutes. At one point I decided to brush my teeth, and when I came out of the bathroom a man was clapping for me, and saying "We thought we were going to have to go in there and get you! We didn't know how much longer it was going to take..." Pretty embarrassing!

When I arrived in Guam it was beautiful! There are palm trees and ocean everywhere, and the weather was 85 degrees. My sister, her husband Jerry, and their little boy Cameron picked me up. We went to Taco Bell and then to her house on base. We spent Monday getting a base pass for me (while everyone in my little Mississippi town was sleeping on Sunday!) and then to the mall. It was so different being in the mall and seeing shops like "Benneton, Esprit, Diesel, Juicy" etc... A definite culture shock after shopping at "Dollar General" and "Wal-Mart" the last 9 years, ha ha...My sister bought me the prettiest Fossil watch, it has a pink face with a diamond cut, and there are rhinestones all around the face of the watch! We looked in one store at the Precious Moments collectibles, and they even have a Hawaiian one where the little girl is dancing with a lei on it. I may go back and choose that for my souvenier!

My little nephew Cameron is hilarious! He was taking a shower by himself, and entertaining himself by singing "My humps, my humps..." then he starts talking to himself and says "I don't even know what that means?!" Very cute! He had to go to school Monday, and was devastated! He is obsessed with sharks, pirates, and dinosaurs. I bought him two dinosaurs at Kay-Bee Toy Stores in the mall, and I told him one was named "Gibson Shreds" and the other was "Graden Roars" and he was impressed, wanting to know how I knew that! I bought my three boys surprises, too.

We went to the gym on base last night, and I loved it. One thing I remember about the Air Force is how nice the gyms always were. This one was no exception, they have spining rooms, raquetball rooms, a rock climbing wall, etc... Shannon and I worked out together on the Eliptical machines, and the base has "Cardio Theater" attached to each cardio machine. You can watch almost any channel while you work out, on a flat screen monitor attached to every individual machine! When we drove back to my sister's house, the roads were covered with frogs that were out enjoying the rain! It was funny to see so many frogs, and my sister told me at night coconut crabs come out, too! She said her husband let one play "tug-of-war" on his foot!

It is 6:38 early Tuesday morning here in Guam, and only 2:38 Monday afternoon back home... I miss my boys at home!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Guess What My Husband Bought Me Today?!

My very own PINK Nintendo DS! It came today in the mail, he ordered it so I could play with it on the trip to and from Guam! My DS came with a Princess Peach pink carrying case, and extra pink stylus'. It has a wireless interlink card, and when I am in the airports that have free wireless, I can check my hotmail and my MySpace, and Perez Hilton and Dlisted all from my DS!!! How cool is that?!!? Maybe I won't have the shakes from internet withdrawal at the airports... ;)

My five-year-old son is going nuts right now because we can connect to each other through the free wireless our city offers, and we can play against each other on our own Nintendo DS's! He has Mario Cart, which can connect with up to 8 players. We had so much fun tonight playing our video games together! I only own the wireless interlink and Brain Games 2. Graden has all the cool games, maybe he will let me borrow them?!? Yeah... right! ;) And maybe Bobby will buy me the hot pink rhinestone skins to put on my DS... Hey, a girl can dream!