Thursday, May 27, 2010

Graden's Award Day ~1st Grade~

Graden received several awards on "Award Day", and we are very, very proud of him!!!

Here is Graden smiling ever-so-handsomely as he waits for the assembly to begin...

Here is Graden receiving the "Accellerated Reader" award for earning the most points in his class in AR. Graden earned over 120 points!!! Yea Graden!

Graden just received the "Honor Club" award for earning all "A's" during the school year... "Amazing, Awesome, and Astonishing!"

Graden is receiving "Outstanding Student" for having the highest grades in his class...

We are so proud of him, and also so grateful to his teachers! He had a wonderful first grade teacher this year who was brilliant, she really went above and beyond with Graden. We were also blessed to have another teacher from the 3rd grade who worked with Graden this year as well, she was wonderful to Graden! There just aren't enough words to thank these women enough...

Graden and the rest of the award-winners in his class!!!

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