Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Nightmare On Hatley Road"

Our school is having a "Door-Decorating Spirit Contest" which involved, of course, decorating our classroom doors to show the "tigers" (us) beating the "wildcats" (them). We came up with the following for our door:

Can you guess yet which movie this was ripped off from?!

I take full credit for those lyrics; the Mr. Rogers putting on the Freddy Krueger sweater I found on the internet and couldn't pass up!

Notice the "R.I.P. Wildcats Oct. 15, 2010"? Complete with little "bloodified-wildcats"? Can you tell I was raised on and addicted to horror films as a child?  ;) And now, for your amusement...

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mrs.boring stay at homer said...

Love the Mr. Rogers picture! Ha!

Great decorations!